Supporters show their face.

We have managed to convince a number of fellow artists to show their face and publicly support our film “Losing Touch”. Some of them are rather well known in all of Germany, some only to a more regional audience. And it’s not just people who are connected to film – there are actors, stage performers, writers and even an opera tenor. We feel great that we receive such a positive response from almost everyone we talk with about our project, and we’re very happy that we got some of them to share their views with you.

Rosetta Pedone

Testimonial | Rosetta Pedone
[ Actress ]
If you think that Bavaria and Italy cannot make a good combination, then Rosetta will definitely prove you wrong.

Official Website: www.rosetta-pedone.de

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Testimonial | Mundstuhl
[ Comedy Duo ]
Lars and Ande are well-known in Germany as “Mundstuhl”. They feel at home on stage as well as on events like the Wok-WM.

Official Website: www.mundstuhl.de

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Gerd Knebel

Testimonial | Gerd Knebel
[ Musician & Comedian ]
Gerd is one half of the comedy duo “Badesalz” and therefore almost an icon in Hessen. Currently, he tours solo with his program “Wörld of Drecksäck”.

Official Website: www.gerd-knebel.de

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Martin Guth

Testimonial | Martin Guth
[ Comedian ]
Martin has been on stage since 1992, most of this time together with Dietrich Faber, forming the well-known comedy duo “FaberhaftGuth”.

Official Website: www.faberhaftguth.de

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Matthias Scherz

Testimonial | Matthias Scherz
[ Retired Pro Soccer Player ]
During his career, Matthias played for the FC St. Pauli and the 1. FC Cologne. Especially in Cologne, he is still known to many fans.

Official Website: www.facebook.com/MatthiasScherz

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Louis Friedemann Thiele

Testimonial | Louis Friedemann Thiele
[ Actor & Dubbing Actor ]
Louis has been part of many productions for television and the big screen. But he probably reaches the largest audience as a dubbing actor, when you don’t see him at all.

Official Website: www.louisfriedemannthiele.com

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Holger Müller

Testimonial | Holger Müller
[ Comedian ]
Holger is known best in his role as Instructor Schmidt which he plays for many years now on television, radio and stage.

Official Website: www.ausbilder-schmidt-live.de

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Prashant Jaiswal

Testimonial | Prashant Jaiswal
[ Actor ]
Prashant is Germany’s first choice, whenever a an Indian part has to be cast. He starred in many movies, commercials and TV-series.

Official Website: www.prashant.de

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Knacki Deuser

Testimonial | Knacki Deuser
[ Entertainer & Comedian ]
Knacki, or rather Klaus-Jürgen, as he is called in his off-stage life, is the founder of the comedy project “NightWash”.

Official Website: www.kjdeuser.de

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Jumbo Schreiner

Testimonial | Jumbo Schreiner
[ Actor & TV-Journalist ]
Jumbo is known to most as the “XXL Checker” in the Pro7 show “Galileo”, but he’s also an actor as well as a writer for Rick Kavanian.

Official Website: www.jumbo-schreiner.de

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Anja Lukaseder

Testimonial | Anja Lukaseder
[ Artist & Musician Manager ]
Anja has managed the casting band “Bro’Sis” for years as well as many other successful artists and musicians.

Official Website: www.facebook.com/Anjalukaseder

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Harro Füllgrabe

Testimonial | Harro Füllgrabe
[ TV-Journalist & Extreme Reporter ]
Harro hast travelled the world for the German TV show “Galileo” and brought it into our living rooms. He also hosts several shows on Pro7 and Sat.1.

Official Website: www.harrofuellgrabe.de

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Heinz Gröning

Testimonial | Heinz Gröning
[ Comedian & Show Host ]
Known best as the “Amazing Heinz”, he’s been on stage for more than 20 years as comedian, show host, song and poetry writer.

Official Website: www.derunglaublicheheinz.de

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Christian Elsner

Testimonial | Christian Elsner
[ Tenor & Vocal Professor ]
Christian is one of the most versatile tenors in Germany and equally sought-after as a concert and opera singer.

Official Website: www.christian-elsner.de

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Oliver Uschmann

Testimonial | Oliver Uschmann
[ Writer ]
Oliver and his wife Sylvia Witt are the authors of the well-known book series “Hartmut and I” which still sells very well after several sequels.

Official Website: www.hartmut-und-ich.de

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Daniele Rizzo

Testimonial | Daniele Rizzo
[ Actor, Internet Comedian & Show Host ]
Daniele has baffled many a Hollywood star with his “sketch interviews”, which brought some widespread recognition for himself.

Official Website: www.daniele-rizzo.de

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Nina Vorbrodt

Testimonial | Nina Vorbrodt
[ Actress ]
Nina is known to most as a regular cast member of the Sat.1 comedy show “Sechserpack”, but she has also starred in many other films and TV-series.

Official Website: www.ninavorbrodt.de

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Wolf & Bleuel

Testimonial | Wolf & Bleuel
[ Comedy Duo ]
Wolfgang Mihm and Michael Bleuel have been on stage together for more than 20 years now and they still manage to capture the audience every single time.

Official Website: www.wolf-bleuel.de

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Torsten Knippertz

Testimonial | Torsten Knippertz
[ TV-Journalist & Actor ]
Torsten frequently appears on television for the stations Sport1 and n-tv. The man is also the stadium announcer for football club Borussia Mönchengladbach!

Official Website: www.knippi.de

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