One week after the quake

A little more than a week has passed since the big earthquake. A lot has been reported – about the hardship the people have to endure, about the relief and aid efforts of the international community and also about the chaotic organizational attempts bei the Nepalese government.

All this is certainly the case, although regarding the shortcomings of the government, we do want to point out that Nepal unfortunately belongs to the poorest countries in the world and thus its organization and infrastructure is nowhere near our standards. In addition, the disaster took place in a mountainous area (one of the highest in the world!) which makes the relief helpers’ work much more difficult.

But from all the news we received from our contacts in country, one thing stood out: Just a few days after the quake, the people began to self-organize and help each other. Through Facebook and other social networks, people posted requests and offers for assistance, directed the international relief teams to the areas that needed them the most and, of course, searched for missing persons. We find this display of solidarity and helpfulness absolutely deserves our admiration! This proves that people really do close ranks in time of need. The only question which remains is why does it always take a disaster to to bring out the best in us …