On Saturday, May 21, we celebrate our world premiere at the Odeon Theatre in Cologne! We're very happy that we can finally share the film with our supporters.

One week after the quake

A little more than a week has passed since the big earthquake. A lot has been reported – about the hardship the people have to endure, about the relief and aid efforts of the international community and also about the chaotic organizational attempts bei the Nepalese government.

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A big earthquake has taken place in Nepal today. Reports speak of a lot of damage and many casualties, though the exact extent of the disaster is not yet known. Best wishes and a lot of strength to everyone affected.

Dear friends and supporters. We wish you all a merry Christmas and a good time to be with friends and family. Thank you again for supporting us this year and for staying with us so far. We didn't make as much progress as we hoped during these last weeks, but we're still well on track and "Losing Touch" will definitely premiere next year. We're very much looking forward to the new year and we wish all of you a good start into 2015.

Moving forward: The "Losing Touch"-Team (all three producers, the directors and the editor) meets tonight in Cologne to watch the first rough-cut. We're all excited.

We happily welcome a new member of our team! Timo Mößner as film editor now has the very rewarding job of taking the roughly 19 hours of footage and transforming them into a great film. We're glad you're with us, Timo.

IT'S A WRAP!!! We shot the last interview today. Now, we're packing up and tomorrow afternoon, we're leaving for the airport and the journey back home.

Busy packing our bags, tomorrow morning we take off! The biggest challenge today: Somehow getting all this equipment into our luggage.

Flights are booked. On March 29., we take off to Nepal.

We're happy to welcome another to member to our team! Audio engineer Kevin Schulz will join us in Nepal record us the best sound possible.

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